Yonder Dice Roller for Sheets is a free add-on for Google Sheets™ to enhance your online tabletop roleplaying game experience.

Roll and share your results quickly without pausing your game.

It works great with many of the online character keepers; as long as you have a line of stat names and numbers they can be imported into Yonder Dice Roller for Sheets.

Find it in the Google Workspace Marketplace™ here.

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Roll for different stats!

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Use it with your favorite character keeper

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Share your results with all the players

However, at the moment, Yonder Dice Roller for Sheets works mainly with PbtA-style games that use six-sided dice, all of your rolls at the moment will be 2d6 + stat.

Support for FitD games is planned, with other rolls or game systems support depending on use and demand.

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