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Running Flying Circus as a convention game

May 30, 2023

This past weekend, after two months of preparation, I ran Flying Circus as a convention game. It was a 3.5-hour slot where I guided a group of strangers through a session, hoping to give them a taste of the overall game. While I was satisfied with the overall outcome, there were areas that could have been improved. This is what I did and what I will do next time I run Flying Circus.

Flying Circus art depicting a train heist

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A personal timeline of 5th edition

Jan 12, 2023

March 2020. COVID-19. Me and my partner stop going to our local game shop, at this point she plays more RPGs than I do, I love roleplaying games, but I’m much more of a board gamer. We play Pasión de las Pasiones online with some friends we have fun. Online is clunky but kind of works for rpgs, and as our attempt at online Gloomhaven proves it’s just bad for board games.

Two computer screens. A 5e DM screen several dice and a microphone

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The particular way 5e has no replacement

Jan 06, 2023

It’s January 2023 and WotC is making the biggest mess they’ve done, so people, or rather users, are looking for alternatives and every single designer that’s written anything fantasy related is throwing their hat on the ring. And yet, even with as many games I’ve read I don’t know of a single game that can actually replace 5e.

My partner's and I physical collection Our physical games collection

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Fixing Fallout RPG Machine Frequency adventure

Sep 01, 2022

Machine Frequency is the adventure included with the Fallout RPG Quickstart Rules. It’s a conversion of an homonymous adventure for the Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures war game, and honestly it could be better, so today we are Fixing Fallout Machine Frequency.

Fallout. Machine Frequency

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How I have run D&D for two years

May 04, 2022

I have mixed feelings about Dungeons & Dragons, for years I didn’t liked it, then two years ago, almost to the day, I read 5e’s PHB and DMG and I… had opinions about it. I felt the game, as I had seen it played, was not actually a good representation of 5e, that nobody was actually reading the books. It was the start of the pandemic, and my partner, who is a fan, wanted to play D&D with her online friends, so I bit the bullet and I began running 5e. In June that campaign will be 24 months and going.

Two computer screens. A 5e DM screen several dice and a microphone

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Busca un problema is now available on

Mar 05, 2021

A few weeks ago I woke up thinking about Matando Cabos, a very good comedy film, and I realized it’d be very fun to play something similar using Fiasco. So that very weekend I sat down and wrote a playset Fiasco Classic: Busca un Problema. A playset inspired by 2000s Mexican comedies, specially dark ones, like Matando Cabos, Nicotina and Rudo y Cursi.

Busca un Problema is now available

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How to make a Zelda style dungeon for TTRPGs

Feb 13, 2021

Dungeons! … can become a boring railroad, but they don’t have to. Personally whenever I think of dungeons I don’t actually think of TTRPGs, I think of The Legend of Zelda. Stone Tower, Water Temple, Fortress of Winds, Tower of the Gods… the list goes on. Is there a secret to a Zelda dungeon? Can we reverse engineer a Zelda style dungeon into our TTRPGs?

A catacomb picture

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