v1.5.2 – The Desert Planet and Mothership update

Nov 01, 2022

I’ve just added support for Mothership and 2d20 “Desert Planet” to Yonder Dice Roller! Mothership is the first of my attempts to mix the improvements I coded for 2d20 with all of my previous components. It works but there will be improvements in the future.

So what changed.

New Features

The Mothership roller Stats, Skills and Saves together with a character keeper for Mothership.

  • Mothership supports saves and test rolls, including rolling with advantage and disadvantage. All the rolls are lower than, as defined in the system.
  • Mothership Skills if you need to roll using your Xenoesotericism skill you can add those as extra bonuses, a mechanic Yonder supports for most other games.
  • Desert Planet. The space empire flavor of 2d20 joins the other games from the same system that are already supported. There’s not much to say here except it works and that the challenge dice have been removed, because the system doesn’t use them.

Bug Fixes

  • Footer. The footer has been fixed to always stick to the bottom of your screen no matter the size of your window.

I did came across some bugs for Mothership that I hope are all fixed, that’s what happens when you mix two different ways of approaching a problem, even if both are my way. If you find any bug please do contact me.

Thank you for downloading and using Yonder Dice Roller!

– Anya Reyes