Arcane Moon is now available on DMs Guild!

Aug 11, 2020

Arcane Moon Cover

Arcane Moon is very 90s, very queer, and very dramatic adventure inspired by Sailor Moon, Cadcaptor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth! I wrote it as part of the RPG Writer Workshop, that as the name says was a workshop for people interested in writing for RPGs and getting published.

Arcane Moon Adventure Cover

In Arcane Moon you’ll find:

  • A queer world full of gender diversity.
  • Five maps for two different areas. – A simplified document for screen readers.
  • The main adventure layed out in the style of D&D core books.
  • Enough content for five different encounters.

Tower map for Arcane Moon

This is the first time I make something like this, and to be honest I feel very satisfied with the results. If you get Arcane Moon all your feed back is very much appreciated since I expect to still do a few changes based on comments.

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Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoy Arcane Moon.

– Anya Reyes